Is Bankruptcy a Laughing Matter?

Is Bankruptcy a Laughing Matter?

Believe it or not, laughter is not uncommonly heard in my consultation conference room. We care deeply about the issues around debt and money, and it touches us down to our unconscious where our funny bone lies. Yes, tears are shed in that room too, but laughter is much more common, because not to laugh is more painful. It takes some courage to face the fact of insolvency (that you cannot repay your debt) and while it may be a serious step to file bankruptcy, it does no good whatsoever to leave your sense of humor at home while facing it. Perhaps it is only with a sense of humor that we can face the mistakes or misfortunes that brought us into this financial pickle.

I am linking to a comedian’s YouTube posting because he has done in a comedic “bit” what is a great list of dos and don’ts for bankruptcy. This routine by Timothy Clue recites things you wish you could do, but aren’t always advisable from a bankruptcy attorneys perspective.

One beautiful moment of the bit is when he has his moment of realizing he can never pay back this debt. The realization of “insolvency” has never been so well depicted. Where he goes from there is a comedic rather than legal perspective, so I’ll give the latter perspective after you’ve heard Tim’s comic perspective.

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Once Tim realizes he’s insolvent he decides to “load up” (or as he calls it “living the Visa loco) and just go further into debt. If he were to file bankruptcy later in this scenario his creditor who proved he did it without intent to repay the debt can make in nondischargeable, which means the bankruptcy would have no effect on it and the debt would remain even after the bankruptcy remedy was attempted. The creditors have to sue you in the bankruptcy to get this exception to the discharge, but it is a real risk.

He brings up the fact that debt doesn’t just effect you, it impacts on your family as well, although he approaches it from the exact opposite perspective I would, which is what makes it funny.

If everyone could talk to debt collectors like Mr. Clue then my job would be a lot easier. It distresses my clients rather severely, but he has a lot of fun with it. I seriously doubt anyone can really have fun with it which is why we take the creditors calls so you don’t have to.

I can be a bankruptcy attorney and help people with money problems because while it is serious, it is not as bad as divorce or criminal work where people lose their family or liberty. It is just money. A sense of humor helps as long as you also get serious about solving your debt problem. We are Long Beach bankruptcy attorneys to help you get out of debt.