Pay Day Loans: Unsurprisingly, they suck

Pay Day Loans: Unsurprisingly, they suck

I see clients from all walks of life who take out so called Pay Day Loans. They are the worst. Only the extremely desperate should take them out. You may as well make a deal with the devil for your soul. OK, that’s overstating it. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how to get in contact with the devil to sell my soul even if I wanted to. Pay day lenders though, they are all over the place. Even the big banks are really behind some of them. If ever there was an area where consumer protection is needed, this is it. This is an area where I often feel my clients are truly the prey of predators, and am most grateful that I can help them out.

John Oliver, as usual, does an amazing job skewering the industry in the video below. I highly recommend, though I warn those sensitive to foul language or overly graphic descriptions to avoid the segment with Sara

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Silverman who is her usual potty mouth.

So whether you hail from Lakewood or Westminster or San Pedro, Seal Beach, Garden Grove or whatever proximity you have to Long Beach, give me a call if these predators have their hooks in you.