San Pedro Bankruptcy Lawyer

San Pedro Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many of Lever Law’s clients reside San Pedro and its adjacent communities. Although technically a segment of the greater Los Angeles area, San Pedro stands out and apart due to its great oceanside locale and its unique character and history.

The mighty Port of Los Angeles enjoins San Pedro and many LeverLaw clients hold strong connection to the port as longshoreman, dock workers or one of the myriad ancillary support businesses. Everything from diesel mechanics and industrial construction to bakeries and cleaning supplies work in a continuous matrix to make San Pedro and the port work at peak efficiency. Large and small, no matter what the genre, each employs people to some degree and volume and complexity.

Most of these people come to us or are referred after an injury or loss which interrupts or severely impacts their income. Perhaps they relied on credit, loans, or other source of funding in a valiant attempt to make their finances work. However, at some point they got in deeper than they could handle.

Personal injury caused work stoppage and government delay is still holding back their worker’s compensation or personal injury settlements. Important parts may not have arrived in a timely manner for a needed repair. Bad weather, a strike, or economic conditions somewhere else or even anywhere else in the world stops work or delivery it can negatively impact your world and everything around it. San Pedro Bankruptcy Lawyer, Steven B. Lever and his associates are here to assist you.

The advantage of having a thorough and highly knowledgeable professional competently dealing on your case in these situations is that you learn about and can fully utilize the bankruptcy exemptions that other attorneys might miss. One example: Under 11 U.S.C. 33 Section 916 any claims of creditors do not reach any of the settlements or awards given to the longshoreman under Chapter 18 of Title 33. Most of the maritime attorneys use Title 33 in injury litigation.

Our clients from San Pedro are mostly blue collar workers, as opposed to the Rancho Palos Verde clients who share the peninsula with them. We are a short ride over the Vincent Thomas Bridge and will help you get your finances back in order. Our referring attorneys include renowned maritime attorney Warren Stanton, Charles Naylor and tax attorney Cruz Saavedra. We love working with the ethnically diverse community in San Pedro, where there are Greeks, Croatians, Portuguese and Italians.

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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Bankruptcy relief provides many people with the tools they need to get their finances sorted out, but it isn’t the right solution for everyone. It is important to understand that each case is different and the law is complex, so it’s important that you consult with a trusted professional to find the solution that is best for you and your family. There are plenty of cases where our clients are better off choosing a different option. Because we offer free consultations, you can benefit from our professional perspective on your case without worrying about future obligations.

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