Bad Paper: Behind Enemy Lines in the Debt Collection Wars – Part 1

Bad Paper: Behind Enemy Lines in the Debt Collection Wars – Part 1

For at least the last six months I’ve been talking up a company and some software that is pretty cool. It’s You Need a Budget or YNAB at

I’m now eating my own cooking – so to speak- and finally setting it up for myself. I’m going to get my wife involved: “Really, honey, this is a good idea.” And I’m going to try to get you to try it too. If you try it you’ll get 10% off using the promotional code on my blog. Just click through at the end of this email and you’ll go right to the blog post where you click on the promotional code.

Why am I so jazzed? Because I think while it requires some setup and diligence, the outcome is well worth it. This company gives the best support for the budgeting process I’ve ever seen. Imagine actually having control over your finances and reaching your financial goals. It can be done, and this can be an essential tool. Like all tools, it doesn’t do it for you, but it makes it a lot easier if you have the right tool.

Both the software and the system is really well thought out. The idea is to get ahead at least one month so you’re using last month’s income for this month’s bills. It’s way less stressful than living paycheck to paycheck, and always having more month than money. That’s only part of the goals though.

The software is sweet. It goes on any type of computer and any type of mobile device regardless of tablet or phone type. It then uses your Dropbox account (and you don’t have one you really should) to sync up all the data across all the devices.

So when you’re out buying stuff you record each purchase either before you go up or to purchase it or at the register on your phone and you keep track of each purchase category. When you’re back home at your computer with a bigger screen all that data is already there. You know what’s happening with your budget, not just your bank account.

The educational resources are quite impressive. There are live webinars, and I suggest you try and introductory one before you buy the software and commit to the project. There are recorded videos, written manuals and a user’s discussion forum. You can also request support directly from the company on an individual basis.

So here’s the promotional link: Note that it brings you to the main page, but across the top it says: “Your discount has been applied. Visit the purchase page when you’re ready to buy.”

When it comes to money there are only 2 sides to it: earning it and spending it. If you don’t master both sides you’ll never get financially strong and independent. This tool rocks and so do you when you take control of your finances.

Keep me in the loop if you go down this road with me. I hope we’ll all learn from each other and inspire each other in this endeavor.