• What You Don’t Want in a Bankruptcy Attorney

    The following is illustrative of a point I’ve tried to make to prospective
    clients when they are looking for bankruptcy attorney. It makes the point
    by negative example.

    From the Illinois Times:

    In television ads and on the internet, Ostling and Associates boasts that
    it is Illinois’ largest bankruptcy law firm.

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  • Top Ways to Deal With Bankruptcy if You Live in San Pedro

    Which Chapter Should You File?  

    There are intricacies in locality and law that only a seasoned San Pedro
    Bankruptcy attorney would understand and be able to utilize to your best
    advantage. That is where Bankruptcy Lawyer, Steven B can help.

    You have a few options to consider when it comes to filing bankruptcy. ...

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  • Bankruptcy in San Pedro What Are My Options?

    Life can be tough, be it San Pedro or anywhere. There will be times when
    you are struggling financially, no matter what the scenario happens to
    be. When finances become overwhelming because of debt, common sense dictates
    that you should seek the help of a strong legal professional who fully
    understands the issues you are enduring and has the ability to help. ...

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  • San Pedro Bankruptcy Lawyer

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