• YNAB You-Need-A-Budget Now Available with a Promotional Discount

    For at least the last six months I’ve been talking up a company and some software that is pretty cool. It’s You Need a Budget or YNAB at

    I’m now eating my own cooking – so to speak- and finally setting it up for myself. ...

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  • LeverLaw 20 Years Old This Month

    I started my own law firm on March 1, 1995, after leaving Clarkson, Lever & Gore. It was just me and my trusty first-generation Pentium computer, and I spent the first year in an “executive suite” office space—leased month to month. I had few clients, but they were good clients and I took good care of them. ...

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  • The Dreaded SFR – bane of the bankruptcy tax case

    SFR or Substitute for Return is a notation on the “Account Transcript” no prospective bankruptcy debtor wants to see if he or she is looking to discharge otherwise dischargeable taxes. The “discharge” is what eliminates debt: Taxes need to be at least three years from the date the return was first due and payable, ...

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  • Pay Day Loans: Unsurprisingly, they suck

    I see clients from all walks of life who take out so called Pay Day Loans. They are the worst. Only the extremely desperate should take them out. You may as well make a deal with the devil for your soul. OK, that’s overstating it. And I don’t know about you, ...

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