• In Re Flores Changes Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Over Median Debtors

    A new case, In re Flores, was decided just recently here in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal courts for the furthest west states) that makes Chapter 13 much better for debtors who make more money than the median income in their state under some circumstances. That’s the court just below the U.S. ...

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  • What Are Those Deadlines On Your Notice of Commencement?

    Shortly after you file your case you will receive a “Notice of Commencement.” It details all the important information about your case. It has the case number, the date and time of your 341A hearing First Meeting of Creditors, where that meeting will be held, who your Chapter 7 or 13 Trustee is and a bunch of other information and deadlines. ...

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  • How to Handle Taxes During your Chapter 13


    Tax refunds are pledged to the Chapter 13 Plan in all orders confirming plans, and you must give your federal and state tax returns to the Chapter 13 Trustee each and every year you are in Chapter 13. So they know what you refund is and will demand it. ...

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  • Your Banker’s Children Will Not Go Hungry

    I have lots of clients who only owe credit card debt to the big banks and pay them for years, and when it snowballs beyond their ability to pay from current earnings, they dip into their savings and retirement instead of even considering bankruptcy. They do so mainly to avoid feelings of guilt. ...

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