• Money & Magical Thinking in Washington and Around Your Kitchen Table

    Magical thinking. In this age of jets and instant communication and the world wide web it is alive and well. In Washington Republicans think they can always cut taxes and Democrats always have more money for programs. A balanced budget is given lip service, but no one wants to spend the political capital to achieve it. ...

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  • How Debt Collectors Work and What You Need to Know About Debt Collection

    You fall behind on your debts. You’ve always paid your debts, so you’re worried. Finally, the calls start coming. Anxiety knaws at your intestines and your shoulders tense when the caller identifies himself or herself as the embodiment of your fears, and pulls at the strings of shame that have been left on the fringes of your tattered finances. ...

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  • Should I Transfer This Asset Before I File?


    Something along the lines of “Should I give asset X to my kids before we file” or “should I repay my friend before I file” are among the most frequent and most disconcerting questions I am asked on a regular basis from my clients and prospective clients. ...

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  • Proposed Consumer Protection Agency

    The prospect of a consumer protection agency being debated in Congress that protects consumers from predatory lending practices is a very welcome development in my view and experience. The world of finance has because more and more complex and the public has understandably not kept up with these developments. As long as one believes that the government should protect citizens health and wealth as it does by funding police, ...

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