• Financial Bailouts and Leverage

    We were at the cusp of a new era in finance when the old system nearly collapsed last year. Then the government bailed out the old system and it could go on its merry way having been rescued by us taxpayers. There is still no meaningful reform and the bankers are paying themselves just as exorbitantly as ever, ...

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  • Starting the Conversation

    Practicing law is like carrying on a constantly evolving conversation. In my area of the law, it is a conversation centered around one problem: Insolvency. My conversations are multifaceted and multi-level. I most directly am rewarded for the conversation I have with my clients as they pay the bills of LeverLaw. ...

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  • Foreclosure Epidemic and Loan Modifications

    This is from a recent New York Times article, that I am excerpting in part as it details the incredible scope of our foreclosure epidemic:

    “The economy and the stock market may be recovering from their swoon, but more homeowners than ever are having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments, ...

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