Top Ways to Deal With Bankruptcy if You Live in San Pedro

Top Ways to Deal With Bankruptcy if You Live in San Pedro

Which Chapter Should You File?


There are intricacies in locality and law that only a seasoned San Pedro
Bankruptcy attorney would understand and be able to utilize to your best
advantage. That is where Bankruptcy Lawyer, Steven B can help.

You have a few options to consider when it comes to filing bankruptcy.
We file the majority of our cases under either Chapter 7 or 13, though
there are a few cases where Chapter 11 is the best option. You can learn
much more about
Chapter 7 here and about
Chapter 13 here. The big advantage that Chapter 7 offers is that it is both quicker and
easier, so it is naturally the most commonly used option. Chapter 13 is
a reorganization that enables you to catch up on mortgage payments in
arrears or past due taxes and is a strategic alternative to Chapter 7
in some cases. In other cases if you don’t pass the means test Chapter
13 may be your only option. There’s also a “Chapter 20”
which is a Chapter 7 followed by a 13 which is used if you qualify for
Chapter 7 and want to catch up on your mortgage later and not deal with
unsecured debt. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, then deciding
which chapter you will file under is the next major consideration. Consulting
with an experienced bankruptcy attorney ensures that you file under the
chapter that fits your specific needs. At LeverLaw, we have 25 years of
experience helping people make the right choice and guiding them all the
way through the case. It goes without saying we always serve the best
interests of our clients, and we give you strong, objective advice.

Free Consultation, Reasonable Fees

When you are considering bankruptcy, every interaction, every item noted
and every expense matters…absolutely. Details on every level are
vital for your success; in the bankruptcy and for your future far beyond.
For that reason, we offer
free consultations. Meet with us and you will clearly understand the professionalism and
value we bring to your service. Residents of San Pedro can benefit from
our expertise by calling the Bankruptcy Law Office of Steven B. Lever.
Our bankruptcy attorney is experienced at helping our clients get the
financial relief they need to get back on their feet. We will study your
specific case or cases and provide you with a flexible payment schedule
that accounts for your personal needs.

Considering Bankruptcy?

If you are struggling with debt, it may seem as though your creditors hold
all of the cards. Bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool that puts control
in your hands. Filing for Bankruptcy triggers the automatic stay, a legal
injunction that stops creditors from:

  • Filing lawsuits against you
  • Harassing you with threatening letters and phone calls
  • Garnishing your wages
  • Repossessing your vehicle Foreclosing on your home

If you are struggling with credit card debt, medical debt, vehicle debt,
mortgage debt, payday loan debt or any kind of consumer debt, Bankruptcy
may be right for you. As a Bankruptcy lawyer with more than 12 years of
experience, I can guide you through the often turbulent legal waters of
the process as well as help you understand how the law applies to you.
There’s No Shame In Bankruptcy.

Some people are reluctant to file for Bankruptcy because they think it
makes them a bad person. This is simply not true. Most people who file
for Bankruptcy are suffering significant financial hardship through no
fault of their own. Bankruptcy gives them the opportunity to start over
and get back on the road to a prosperous future.

Rest assured, your creditors will take every legal advantage at their disposal.
There is nothing to be ashamed of in turning the tables on them and making
the law work for you.

Did you know? Modern Bankruptcy law has its roots in biblical scripture.
The list of esteemed Americans who have filed for Bankruptcy includes
Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Abraham Lincoln! You are historically in good company.

Discuss Your Debt Relief Goals With An Experienced and Caring Attorney.

San Pedro Bankruptcy Lawyer, Steven B. Lever today.