Happy New Year: Is Saving More Part of Your New Year’s Resolution? Try Digit

Happy New Year: Is Saving More Part of Your New Year’s Resolution? Try Digit

Getting physically fit is almost everyone’s new year’s resolution. Gyms are packed in January. Less so in February and attendance declines further from there throughout the year.

However, the good news is you can get fiscally fit without breaking a sweat if saving more is part of your new year’s resolution. You can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze your spending patterns in your bank and a software robot can move the money you don’t need for cash flow into a special savings account.

It’s a free new service called Digit. I’ve subscribed to it, and so far I think it’s pretty cool and not very intrusive. If you click on this link, Save Money Without Thinking About It you can sign up as well. There’s a video explaining it more you should watch before signing up.

The software robot analyzes your transactions every day and based upon the history of your transactions it applies its algorithm to pull out small amounts, usually less than a dollar, and saves it for you at a bank account they hold for you.

They text you how much they save and if you want to put it back, you just text them and they put back the amount you tell them. It’s easy and kind of fun.

This is not meant to help you save for a particular goal, as the robot couldn’t know that goal. It’s just to get the habit going with little effort at all. If you’re saving for a goal like an emergency fund, it’s best to do that on a regular basis by automatic deduction as well, but working backward from the goal. For instance, if you want $6,000 for an emergency fund in two years, you know you need to set aside $250/month, or $125 bi-monthly.

If you have questions about this, or any other financial goal, that’s why we’re here. As a former or current client that is included as a part of your connection to the LeverLaw platform. I’m always interested in hearing about the goals of my former and current clients.