Let An A+ Financial Coach Give You A Financial Makeover

Let An A+ Financial Coach Give You A Financial Makeover

Anyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about financial planning. However, that is different than what a financial coach does. I tell you what you should do, and a coach tells you how to do it, motivates you and holds you accountable.

I’m running a contest for my past and current clients who are interested in working with a financial coach. LeverLaw will pay for the initial consultation with Jeff Lightner, a financial coach trained by Dave Ramsey's team for the contest winner. Many of my clients have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Management Course to get their discharge in bankruptcy and know the method and brand of Dave Ramsey. I’ve known Jeff for years now and think he is extremely capable in his methods, and I know he cares a great deal about helping people accomplish financial makeovers.

If you’d like to participate in this contest, you only need to send an email, or reply to the email that brought you to this blog post. In that email, write a short (even one sentence) mission statement about what you hope to accomplish financially in the next one year or up to 5 years. It could be “I want to save enough to become a homeowner.” Or it could be “I want to establish an emergency fund” or something more elaborate. We will contact everyone who wants this service, ask a few more questions, and then we will then give the prize to the most motivated person or couple that is likely to meet their goal. Submissions must be made prior to or by March 30, 2017.

Best of Luck to Everyone!