• Declaring the Bankrupcy

    Declaring Bankruptcy

    The phrase “declaring bankruptcy” has been with us a long time, but what does it really mean? If you start a voluntary case, which is over 99% of all cases, you are simply telling your creditors you cannot repay your debts because you are in an insolvent state. ...

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  • Is Bankruptcy a Laughing Matter?

    Believe it or not, laughter is not uncommonly heard in my consultation conference room. We care deeply about the issues around debt and money, and it touches us down to our unconscious where our funny bone lies. Yes, tears are shed in that room too, but laughter is much more common, ...

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  • How Do You Decide What to Do When Your House is Underwater?

    Nationally, almost a quarter of all homes with mortgages are “underwater” now. I’m talking figuratively, of course, as this is California, not New Orleans. Any home which is worth less than the mortgages against it is “underwater” in financial terms. However, most of these “distressed mortgages,” as they are sometimes called, ...

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  • Cash for Keys

    The Cash for Keys program (or “CFK”) is something that can help you out if you have to leave your foreclosed residence. 

    When a foreclosure occurs the title changes from you to your lender, or whoever purchased the property at the foreclosure. Now they own the property, ...

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